Blackout Poetry with The Book Thief

In The Book Thief, Max takes Hitler’s memoir Mein Kampf, white washes the pages and from that creates something beautiful.  Through this lesson plan, students have the opportunity to do the same.

As my roommate said as we were doing this together, “I’m taking Hitler’s words, reducing it down to 10%, and now it’s so much better!”

Mine’s about zombies. Teehee.

Blackout Poetry-1 Blackout Poetry-2 Blackout Poetry-3

Lesson plan after the jump.

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Hunger Games – Classical Allusions Poster

I saw Catching Fire yesterday. Ohmygoodness, so good. I highly recommend it. Team Peeta all the way.

That got me in the mood to create a poster that highlights some (of many) Classical allusions that can be found in the books and movies.

Hunger Games

I got the text here, at, and the article has even more examples of Classical allusions in character names. They even explain the etymology of other names, Classical or no.

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The passages found in both the Cambridge textbooks and Ecce Romani take place around the Bay of Naples, meaning that the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius is a critical event for the families in both stories. However, too often is the humanity of history forgotten, replaced by dates, facts and figures. The British Museum currently has an exhibit dedicated to that eruption, focusing on the individuals affected. The video created to promote this exhibit is a fine example of how this event can be taught in a classroom, by remembering the individual.