Blackout Poetry with The Book Thief

In The Book Thief, Max takes Hitler’s memoir Mein Kampf, white washes the pages and from that creates something beautiful.  Through this lesson plan, students have the opportunity to do the same.

As my roommate said as we were doing this together, “I’m taking Hitler’s words, reducing it down to 10%, and now it’s so much better!”

Mine’s about zombies. Teehee.

Blackout Poetry-1 Blackout Poetry-2 Blackout Poetry-3

Lesson plan after the jump.

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Kriss Kross, part II

I can’t believe I forgot to put this up here. I made another crossword puzzle a few weeks ago, something to keep kids busy while I was subbing for middle school study hall.

On one side of the page I copied a handout on the 12 (but really 14) Olympians. I forgot to include Hestia, dernnit. Maybe I’ll update it at some point to include her. On the other was the crossword. For some reason, middle schoolers really love crosswords. Go figure. Downloads after the jump.

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In which I rant about incompetence

I am currently in a M.Ed. program, majoring in Secondary Education. The program is mostly for career-changer-types who didn’t major in education for their undergrad, but are now earning their teaching certification. A teacher prep program at a major US university would have some of the best teachers to pass on their knowledge, right?


Don’t get me wrong; I’m still early in the program, so this is in no way a condemnation of all the professors here. I think I’ll actually like my methodology teacher, in fact. But there is this one…

Let me give you an example. Twenty minutes into our first day of class, he starts explaining one of our assignments, which involves a class presentation. He tells us, make it Socratic. Ask lots of questions. Involve the class. Good, good… But then I realize no one but him had spoken that entire period. Not a word. If class discussion is so important, why does it seemingly not matter whether or not the class speaks? WHY DON’T YOU TEACH BY EXAMPLE, YOU TEACHER OF TEACHERS?

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