More Mad Libs!

what do they teach tumblr_mait9xrQUp1qm5qepo1_250Correct noun-adjective agreement, that’s what.

I got some positive feedback on the last Mad Libs assignment I posted, so I decided to make another one.  This assignment is based on passage 19 from Ecce Romani I, and corresponds to the content of the surrounding chapters, particularly noun-adjective agreement.  In these chapters, the distinction between 2-1-2 and 3rd declension adjectives is discussed, so special emphasis is placed on that.  Download after the jump.

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The passages found in both the Cambridge textbooks and Ecce Romani take place around the Bay of Naples, meaning that the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius is a critical event for the families in both stories. However, too often is the humanity of history forgotten, replaced by dates, facts and figures. The British Museum currently has an exhibit dedicated to that eruption, focusing on the individuals affected. The video created to promote this exhibit is a fine example of how this event can be taught in a classroom, by remembering the individual.