No, You’re Probably Not Smarter Than a 1912-Era 8th Grader

Well, this is an eye opener. Has the US gotten stoopider, or are we just focusing more on other areas of study? Discuss.


Notes from the Classroom

So much of what makes a good teacher comes from getting to know your pupils. In order to discipline or encourage participation, you need to know students’ names. In order to ensure children progress and achieve their potential, you need to know what they are capable of, know when to push them and know when to give them extra support. In order to provide a safe environment where they feel they can experiment, you need to understand children’s backgrounds and personalities. Having been in my school for so long, I know my students inside out, and we have a strong relationship because of it.

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Substitute teaching in pictures

YES ON ALL COUNTS. I started subbing this past week. I am so exhausted now…


My first day in the classroom

first day

When the other teachers see that I am the sub


Any time a kid has to pee


When I threaten to take away recess


When I see a kid eating his own booger


When fifth graders have a writing assignment


When I call a rowdy kid out by name


When I ask a high schooler to do anything


Me 10 minutes after the bell rings


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