Medea’s Day Care – “We’ll love your kids to death!”

(Woo! Long time no post!)

This summer I’m working with a group of 4-6 graders who are complete classics nerds. It’s wonderful. I told them my favorite myth figure is Medea, and they came up with the title of this post: Medea’s Day Care – “We’ll love your kids to death!” They’ve been joking about it the past two days.

So, I decided to incorporate their natural gift for irony into an enrichment activity for their program! We came up with ironic business names for various mythological characters. They really got into it! Below are some examples of their excellent work:

Cyclops Glasses

Dionysus Rehab

Hestia Dance Club

Minotaur Corn Maze

Trojan Horse Used Cars

Zeus Migraine Medicine

I think the migraine medicine is my favorite…


7 thoughts on “Medea’s Day Care – “We’ll love your kids to death!”

  1. This is a great idea! I am hoping to teach middle-school Latin when I finish up college, and this kind of introduction/education is exactly what I had in mind. They produced great work! :)

    • Thanks! They had so much fun with it! In the case of these kids, they are already really familiar with most of the main myths, so they could rather easily come up with “businesses” for Medea, Icarus, and whatnot. For students newer to the stories of mythology, this activity can easily be adapted to just covering the major Olympians, characters from a certain Greek tragedy, etc.

  2. If you don’t mind me asking, how were 4-6th graders already familiar with these myths? Does their education have a strong foundation in the classics or was this exposure your doing? :)

    • It’s a summer program for gifted kids, and they chose this course voluntarily. So most of them have read D’Aulaires and other books and became familiar with the myths in that way. They also know a surprising amount of Greek and Roman history. It’s a lot of fun working with little Classics nerds. They remind me of myself at that age…

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