The EDU Scarlet Letter: When SHOULD you label a student with an F?

I LOVE this teacher’s comments on the purpose of an F. No one wants to get an F; no one wants to give an F. But if an F is deserved it can actually do some real good.

: the readiness is all

The scene of my high school graduation is a bit foggy now, but I can still remember standing on the steps of the church (I went to a private Catholic school) shaking hands with a few of my 12th grade teachers. One by one a few approached with a wry smile or a look of tentative hope on their face.

“Theriault, I was going to fail you, but you’re a nice kid and I didn’t want you to not graduate so I gave you a D. Good luck.”

I bring this up because I want to make this perfectly clear: no one and I mean no one WANTS to give a student an F. The principal, the school board, the parent, the student, and most of all, the teacher they all WANT the student to pass through the system.  But more often than not this is the Metamucil approach.

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