German rap is actually pretty good

Culcha Candela has quickly become one of my favorite music groups, even though (or possibly because) they normally don’t sing in English. As soon as I started taking German classes, I wanted to find some German music to listen to. Although I couldn’t understand it at first, it helped get my head in the right place as I was rushing to class listening to my iPod. Turns out, some of it is actually pretty good.

Our friends at the Goethe Institute have apparently figured this out, as well. They’ve put together some handy dandy worksheets, ready to print and hand out, that go nicely with some contemporary German music. These are actual bands that actual Germans listen to, like Peter Fox and Ich + Ich. They’ve also picked some songs that are easily understood – “Haus am See” by Peter Fox is nice and slow, so even beginning students should be able to pick out at least a couple words. The activities they’ve included are perfect for listening comprehension, with some fill-in-the-blanks, some multiple choice, and some free writing exercises. Extraordinarily well done, as if we could expect any less from Goethe.

Now if only I could convince them to make one for Culcha Candela…

Here’s that link again. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “German rap is actually pretty good

  1. I’m laughing a bit because I just tried watching the Culcha Candela clip but got blocked because I’m in…Germany. (Silly YouTube-GEMA rights kerfuffle…)

    Found your blog after my English teacher brother tweeted me a link to your recent film post – keep sharing your German learning tips, bitte!

  2. Must admit this is really something fun – how far can you say that it’s ‘rap’ though? Just sounds a bit too pop-like to categorise it as anything other than that.

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